Our People

The staff at Integration Spa is a group of mindful wellness educators and healers who have decades of experience servicing your community. Because our staff and therapists have dedicated their careers to the wellness of our Jacksonville community, we appreciate and understand the needs of our guests like no national chain ever could. We are here to help you and trained to assist in your wellness journey.



Our Leader

Team leader Lindsey Radkoski is a licensed Massage Therapist and certified Natural Therapeutic Specialist. She has shared her passion for wellness throughout the country and the Jacksonville community for over a decade. Her guest-centric approach and expert leadership ensures unparalleled service with the utmost integrity and professionalism.

What Can a Guest of Integration Spa Expect?

You as a guest, and hopefully as a long-term member, can expect an array of services and products thoroughly researched and selected with integrity by our tenured therapists.  You will immediately feel a relaxed, positive, soothing environment supported by a culture of caring team members focused on meeting your unique needs.