Salt massage

Feel Less Pain and More Relaxed

Select the length of session and we will customize your massage based off of your therapeutic or relaxation needs.

First Time Guests

  • 20 minute targeted area, $45
  • 50 minute custom massage, $89
  • 80 minute custom massage, $135

Massage Add-On Services:

  • RedLight Therapy (Target Area), $15
  • Foot Enhancement, $18
  • Face Enhancement, $18
  • Cupping Therapy (Target Area), $25
  • Back Rejuvenation, $25
  • Full Body Hot Stone Therapy, $25
  • Targeted Area Hot Stone Therapy, $15
  • Heat Wave Hot Stone Therapy, $10
Hot Stone Therapy
Relieves pain, tension, and helps with muscle relaxation (available for full body or just a target area)
Foot Enhancement
Includes an exfoliating sea salt scrub and a therapeutic hot stone foot massage to soothe tired or achy feet
Face Enhancement
Helps reduce headaches, sinus pressure, and muscle tension through the use of facial cupping, jade rolling, cold stone therapy, and massage
Cupping Therapy
Increases blood circulation to relieve muscle tension, which promotes cell repair
Red Light Therapy
Uses heat and infrared light to amplify blood flow to the muscles, which helps heal and relax sore muscles
Back Exfoliation
Exfoliates the skin to remove dead cells, oil, and dirt from the surface of the back