First Time Guests

At Integration Spa, all First Time Guests receive a Custom Massage. Select the length of session and we will customize your massage based off of your therapeutic or relaxation needs. Your session starts with a conversation with your Licensed Massage Therapist. By understanding what you’re looking to accomplish, your therapist can then draw from various massage modalities to incorporate them to address your specific needs.

Relaxation Massage

Our Relaxation Massage will activate your body's parasympathetic nervous system, which restores the body to a calm and composed state. A Relaxation Massage at Integration Spa is the perfect experience for someone who wants to relax but does not have aches and pains. Our massage techniques during a Relaxation Massage are gentle and fluid so they will enhance a sense of peace and wellbeing.

Therapeutic or Deep Tissue Massage

Our experienced therapists will focus on healing your specific ailments, such as sore muscles or knots in your back. The treatment may incorporate different treatments such as deep tissue massage, trigger point work, and passive or resistive stretching techniques, to restore your body back to a tension-free state.

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is a modality specifically designed to support the pregnant body through the stages of pregnancy. Add-on massage services are not available because they all contain heat therapy, which is contraindicated for prenatal massage. At Integration Spa, we do not perform prenatal massage during the first trimester.  

Sports Massage

Sports massage is a modality of facilitated stretching. It was designed to help athletes before, during and after training. It is also useful for anyone who wants to increase flexibility, prevent injuries and help with healing after an injury. At Integration Spa, we incorporate massage into our Sports Massage sessions.  If you want STRETCHING ONLY, please call the spa to ask for a therapist recommendation before booking your session.  

Couples Massage

Perfect for date night or girl's night out!  Our couple's room has two massage tables so you can relax side-by-side with your loved one.  We do not offer online booking for the couple's room due to the limited availability, so please call the spa to book your appointment.  Only available for 50-minute or 80-minute massage services.  Price is based off of each individual's service total- we do not charge an extra fee to be in the couple's room.  

PLEASE NOTE: Our Couple's Room books up well in advance!  Please plan on scheduling well in advance!

Foot Enhancement

Includes an exfoliating sea salt scrub and a therapeutic hot stone foot massage to soothe tired or achy feet

Face Enhancement

Helps reduce headaches, sinus pressure, and muscle tension through the use of eucalyptus essential oil, jade rolling, cold stone therapy, and facial massage.

Hot Stone Therapy

Relieves pain, tension, and helps with muscle relaxation (available for full body or just a target area)

Heat Wave Hot Stone

The Heat Wave Synergy Stone blends soothing hot relaxation with gentle to deep massage therapy.  Larger and stays warm longer than traditional Hot Stones.  Experience the Heat Wave by itself or pair this with our Target Hot Stone add-on!

Cupping Therapy

Increases blood circulation to relieve muscle tension, which promotes cell repair

Back Exfoliation

Exfoliates the skin to remove dead cells, oil, and dirt from the surface of the back

Massage Add-On Services:

  • RedLight Therapy (Target Area), $15
  • Foot Enhancement, $18
  • Face Enhancement, $18
  • Cupping Therapy (Target Area), $25
  • Back Rejuvenation, $25
  • Full Body Hot Stone Therapy, $25
  • Targeted Area Hot Stone Therapy, $15
  • Heat Wave Hot Stone Therapy, $10